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“The man with the plan” is what I call him, ever since I met Vinny he has been impeccable, I can’t even explain the feeling I felt being under the circumstances while 5 months pregnant and in a jail cell, he made it so easy going for me, I remember thinking to my self this is it I will spend my entire pregnancy in jail (not a way to think) but there I was just pacing around in my cell till my name was called, that’s when I met Vinny and I knew my husband made the right choice not only is Vinny great but his team is amazing Angelo who was so understanding and informative helped me in so many ways, I would recommend Vinny as a lawyer to anyone especially was let out Scot-free on a serious gun charge.

Denise T.

I wanna start by saying I met Vincent around 2007 and since then he has always been a great individual when it comes to his profession as a lawyer. There has been multiple times I referred him to friends and family members as well and they were all extremely happy and pleased with Vincent’s end results and honesty.

As for me Vinny has been more then a lawyer to me he has become a great friend I can always call him if I’m having any questions about anything in life that I’m going thru and if there’s anything I don’t understand as well and he always picks up the phone and answers or calls back and if he always shares me with his thoughts about anything I Bering to him and shares his look on things as well.

I mean if you ask me a for a lawyer Vincent Scala will be the first to come to my head and the only one I would refer besides being a great lawyer he’s always a great person all around and builds relationships with his clients so tip my hat off to Vincent Scala for being who he is and always being great all around as a person.

From Armando P.

Vincent Scala is a well respected and trustworthy lawyer from my experiences working wit him. He is a well respected lawyer in any court in NYC and he would be my choice every time i’ve had an incident or any family and friend that ever needed his services. Vincent Scala is very punctual and direct in his approach in the judicial system every time i’ve hired him. He is more like family than a lawyer to me at this point and i appreciate everything he and his firm have done for me and my family and again he would be my choice every and anytime if i ever had a problem wit the law.

Giovanni P.

I have been dealing with Vincent Scala for some years now, he has always treated me more like a friend than an attorney with his client. I am forever grateful to him for what he has done for me over the years.

Joey B.

I met Vincent Scala and his paralegal Angelo in the mid 90’s when I got in trouble with the law. Upon meeting them I got a sense that they would fight for me till the end. After my case was over I was a very satisfied customer. Vincent informed me of what the case was about, worse and best case scenario. I felt he did the best to get me out of trouble. He gave me a second chance at life. I will forever recommend him to anyone that needs his service.

Alex E.